We protect and take care of the clothes in your home.

Sky Cleaner offers a service designed to protect and care for your household linens as well as guarantee a high-quality cleaning and optimal results.
Household linen spoils over time. Sunlight and humidity fade colors and dirt becomes embedded in fabrics. These damages can become permanent stains if you wait too long to take them to the dry cleaner.

Bring it them to us on a regular basis. Our team has developed a cleaning system specialized in the care of each type of fabric. This will preserve the color and quality of the material, keeping your home bright.

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Eco – friendly products

The best quality products and supplies, eco friendly, safe for the environment 100% biodegradable.

Comercial and Residential

With the greatest care and delicacy in all their garments, guaranteeing the best service..

Pick up and delivery

I pick up and deliver where you tell us as much as possible about our mobility.

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We want to give you a quality job with pick up and delivery to where you initiate us.

We have qualified personnel taking care of the biosafety standards.

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Wash and Fold

100% biodegradable

Good for your health

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