In addition to carefully washing your clothes,

Sky Cleaner offers you the added service of clothing alterations, tailoring to customize your clothes: adding, removing and slimming.

Hems and adjustments of all kinds, repairs, zippers, buttons … Just ask us!
Feel free to use Sky Cleaner’s alteration services.

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Eco – friendly products

The best quality products and supplies, eco friendly, safe for the environment 100% biodegradable.

Comercial and Residential

With the greatest care and delicacy in all their garments, guaranteeing the best service..

Pick up and delivery

I pick up and deliver where you tell us as much as possible about our mobility.

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We want to give you a quality job with pick up and delivery to where you initiate us.

We have qualified personnel taking care of the biosafety standards.

Dry Cleand





Wash and Fold

100% biodegradable

Good for your health

Only the best products